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Tree roots in drains are a dangerous drain problem that faces many homes in your local neighborhood. What makes them even more hazardous for your plumbing is the fact that you can’t even tell if you’ve got roots in your drain until it begins to block the pipe! Call 336-484-1482 for service you can trust: we have over 30 years of experience clearing tree roots from drains. You can rest assured that Home Services of the Triad unclogs pipes fast, ensuring the hygienic and smooth flow of your drains working to their full potential. And we’re so confident that our SuperPlumbers do it better than any other plumbers in North Carolina, we guarantee our work for life.


Trees seek out moisture to sustain and grow. Inside sewer drains where there may be leaks or cracks, roots from trees will find any break in your pipes and can force their way into the smallest cracks. Tree roots thrive on the humidity and warmth of pipe lines, making your pipes a great place for nearby trees. And once they have found a source of water in your pipe, they will continue to expand inside the pipe, making the drainage problem even worse! So tree roots in drains will certainly cause blocked drains, and once you’ve got them, they’re not easy to get rid of! The removal process can be difficult and time consuming.

The impact of root damaged drains can be small, resulting in gurgling noises in the sewer or slow flowing drains. However, if big enough, the force exerted from the root growth may cause a complete blockage on all drains or collapse the pipe entirely.


 When it comes to damaged drains, you may automatically jump to the conclusion of killing the tree roots effectively harming or in some cases killing the tree and its surrounding plants. North Carolina plumbers would advise against this, as it is not a simple and safe process to perform without the right training and equipment. Consider the steps for an effective treatment:

  1. Cutting Tree Roots
  2. Removal Tree Roots and unclog drains
  3. Stops Regrowth
  4. Repair Root Damaged Pipes

Once the drains are clear of debris and tree roots sewer, to repair the pipe successfully we’ll need to utilize a CCTV Drain Camera to form a planned and economical approach to the repair process. Safe and hygienic, our plumbers can guarantee a repair of your drains in one go so you don’t need to worry about it again.


The only North Carolina Plumbing Services with a 100% Workmanship guarantee and 24/7 accessibility, we are professional and licensed Vaporooter Installers offering you a safe and environmental method of treatment for your drains and the tree. In the drains Vaporooter stops the growth of tree roots through its herbicide sustaining the life of the plant but removes only the roots causing the problem. Vaporooter stops tree roots from attaching to pipes ever again following the initial problem; its foaming action unclogs drains tree roots have blocked and vaporooter stops sewer pipe kills of plants surrounding the chemical action.

If you’ve got damaged drains tree roots could be the problem. Underneath buildings tree roots can uncover a lot more than a can of worms. Call us on 336-484-1482, the licensed plumber tree roots specialists, and we can fix drain tree roots, cracked pipe tree roots have gotten under and the roots sewer drain.

If you are still unsure how to best approach the problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s better to act now, while it’s manageable before it turns into an emergency repair; a nightmare for everyone!


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