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For after hours emergency bookings, please call on 336-484-1482


1. 24/7 SERVICE

Plumbing emergency? Say no more, we’re on our way. Home Services of the Triad is your local emergency Plumber with guaranteed 24/7 on call service, so call us now on 336-484-1482.

Blocked drains and water leaks are annoying and inconvenient to say the least, and it’s even worse if you happen to find one on an evening or weekend! But fear not, your local Home Services of the Triad is close by and at your service 24/7 – any time of the day or night, every single day of the year, including public holidays. With our trademark fast response emergency plumbing service, we can get your plumbing issues all fixed up sooner than other North Carolina Plumbers.

Our emergency rescue service never sleeps, and we guarantee that with one phone call to us, you will have a fully licensed, experienced plumber at your door, with all the necessary parts and equipment to save you from your plumbing nightmare! From flooded bathrooms on new years eve, to blocked drains overflowing in the early hours of the morning, we have seen it, and fixed it all before. So why wait? Let show you the best after hours plumbing service in North Carolina. For the fastest response licensed Plumber North Carolina has to offer, call your local superhero – Home Services of the Triad.


We know when it’s time to start repairing.

Is your toilet not flushing properly, with toilet water not subsiding after flushing? Or perhaps you’ve seen the toilet water rising above or falling below ordinary levels? Maybe you’ve noticed your floor waste overflowing when showering or smelly drain grates? You may even have a bucket catching water from that roof leak you’re going to get around to repairing.

Don’t just ignore it – it’s time to call a plumber! Using a plunger or on those gulping gurgling drains or bucket to catch leaking water may temporarily patch up the problem, but in the long term these plumbing issues will only get worse unless they are attended to by a a licensed plumber. Your dripping leak could turn into a torrent sooner than you think!

Regular maintenance is definitely the best way to avoid plumbing disasters altogether, but when emergency situations hit, you can rely on Home Services of the Triad to be there when you need us most, with 24 hours emergency Plumbers North Carolina have trusted for over 30 years.


Blocked drains or slow to drain pipes can be caused by anything from objects lodged in the pipe to tree roots growing in pipes. Some think they can save money by attempting to unblock their drain or patch up a leak themselves, but with over 30 years experience in plumbing, we can confidently say that this isn’t the most cost effective way to deal with plumbing problems.

Blocked drains or pipes will eventually overflow, and when they do, they can ruin your flooring and furniture, which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace. With your local SUPERplumbers, the cost of getting an experienced Home Services of the Triad Technician to banish your blockage once and for all is well worth the peace of mind and savings in future repairs and damage.

And with us, there’s no need to worry about boot scuffs or mud marks – we use protective footwear and clean up after ourselves to leave your home looking as good as, if not better than when we arrived – that’s a Home Services of the Triad Promise.
So wherever you are in North Carolina Home Services of the Triad is close by and ready to rescue you 24 hours a day, every single day of the year.


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